Recently I was working on a video game that required a sketchy pencil look. I started by scanning real pencil sketches, but it's such a hassle when you have to change things later, so I went digital! Like in Tron!

I'm not very fond of the pencils in Painter or any pencil brushes I've found for Photoshop, so I made my own! Not much to it, but I think it's pretty good. You be the judge! That's it in the picture to the right, on top of a scanned piece of paper.

If you'd like to use the brush you can download it here (instructions included):
Pencil Zip 1 tiny KB
And if you want some paper too, here you go:
Paper JPG 3.7 MB
(right-click and "Save As")

Hey, and let me know if you actually get any use out of this! I would just be curious, you know.



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